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Wedding Photographer Paris : These words will be the ones I’ll choose to describe myself. To be totally honest I may used a few words in addition such as fine art photographer, every day life photographer, happy moments life photographer. My work is my passion, I feel lucky to be able to take photos of weddings. Today, I want to talk about a wedding. An amazing one. Let me set the scene. A cute couple getting married in Paris. Did I tell you how much I love Paris ? Paris is clearly the city of love. It is the perfect city for a wedding. Romantism is everywhere in Paris. If you want a romantic wedding, you are at the right place in Paris. Excuse me, I’m getting lost, I could talk about Paris for hours but it’s not the point today. But let’s focused on my elegant and romantic bride and groom. As a wedding photographer Paris, I started to take photos in the late morning when the bride and the groom started getting prepared. The bride was helped by her father and her mother. When her father saw her with her wedding gown, it was an really emotional moment.Then, her bridesmaids joined her, they were all dressed in pastel colors. Afterwards, everybody went to the church where the groom where waiting for his loved one. The ceremony was full of love and emotion. We’ve done some couples photos, the love they have for each other is clear. Thereupon, we went to the wedding venue. The couples changed their outfit for their first dance. They choose a rock’n’roll as a first dance. It was totally amazing. Everybody started to joined them and the party was so fun. Everybody was dancing and having fun. This wedding was a real pleasure to live and to immortalize it.

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