la mariée est dans la chappelle du chateau saint martin avec un bouquet de fleurs

Intimate wedding Chateau Saint Martin de Vence

As a wedding photographer, Chateau Saint Martin Vence, I was honored to cover this intimate wedding of Manon and Raphael.Coming from the USA, the intimate wedding also called « elop-ment » as an odd charm that more and more futures brides and grooms from all ages want. So, only the two of them were in this amazing chateau, which belongs to Oetker Collection. By the way, belonging to the same organisation, in the Cap d’Antibes, the Cap Eden Roc, a wonderful pa-lace welcoming weddings all the year with the possibility to privatize for the occasion. The Chateau Saint Martin is located in the heights for Vence 2490 Avenue des Templiers. The venue is really perfect for intimate wedding. Offering discretion in the building and the gardens.

Manon and Raphael arrived in a beautiful white MGA ROASTER 1958. A car that I find so elegant for a wedding and what a style ! They started their day by a walk in the gardens, then they went to their own room to get prepared

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Mariage château Saint martin - Wedding Chateau Saint Martin

Manon was eagerly waiting that day, for her, nothing can be left to chance, she told me that day. Every element for her wedding at the Chateau Saint Martin was thought in each detail. Linda Champenois, Art design, a colleague, helped her a lot to choose her wedding gown, the shoes, the jewels and of course the wedding bouquet. During preparation, Manon was relaxed and impatient to live this moment with Raphael. This moment shows perfectly my photos that is to say elegant and delicate….

la mariée se prepare dans sa chambreune robe accorchéela mariée sort dehos

J'aime ces moments avant la rencontre - I love these moments before the meeting

During this wedding Chateau Saint Martin Vence, I particularly like to be at Manon and Raphael sides because we were able to took our time for each moment. By the way, one of the greatest benefit is to be able to enjoy to each other and to take the time. The time to get ready and to disco-ver…

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A privileged moment for diner

For the diner, the Chateau Saint Martin offers to the bride and groom, one of the most wonderful view of Vence. That night, in total intimacy and with a refined table decoration, the time sus-pended…. Smells of South melt with refinement of the venue could only bring us to travel.

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deux mariés à paris regardent la seines
des mariés rentrent dans le chateau saint martin en voiture