un homme embrasse sa femme et une courrone sur la cheminée

Wedding photographer Fine Art « emotion » in Paris

Wedding photographer Paris 17, since 2008, I would like to welcome you in my website. I hope you could appreciate my various fine art photo report as well as all the details creating my environne-ment. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Jérémy Froeliger, a professional photographer since several years in Ile de France. My work uses to mainly be fashion photos and architecture photos. I hadthe opportunity of travelling and being inspired by so many trends that I have used during my photoshoot session. I truly wanted to become a wedding photographer in Paris. That was my main career goal. Nevertheless, it seems necessary to gain a certain experience to pre-tend to deftly come into play. Today, I can finally pursue my passion and with a photographic style that I like « Fine Art".

Delicate and bright wedding photos

I work as a wedding photographer from 8 years now and each new wedding make my feel happier. Great enthusiast, I work on my photos to make them delicate, bright, timeless and elegant. All the reasons brought me to specialize in « Fine Art » photography. With a 150 weddings experiences, my expertise is to predict important moments. I’ll be there for you, to reassure you and to guide you during all the day. During the ceremony and the night, the challenge for me is, constantly, to melt into the crowd, discretely, to capture the best moments, the best shots and the smiles. I have to anticipate each move to be ready to release the camera at the right time and in the better condi-tions. The wedding photo is a peculiar art that never stops amazing me. It’s the occasion for me to be in full immersion during the more important day of your life. I take the opportunity to thanks all the bridegrooms that trusted me for their wedding. To illustrate my description, I invite you to dis-cover my selection « wedding photos » where you can find different photo reports Wedding Photo-grapher Paris and in all France. Enjoy the visit

Un couple se prend dans les bras
Un couple est dans paris devant le palais royal
la mariée s apprete à rentrer dans l'église

la mariée s apprete à rentrer dans l'église


deux mariés à paris regardent la seines
wedding photographer in paris
des mariés rentrent dans le chateau saint martin en voiture

A wedding photography everywhere in France and abroad

Les mariées sont sur le pont des arts à Paris pour une séance photo de couple

I go everywhere in France and abroad. Of course, staying in Paris help me cover all Ile de France easily. That’s why I was offered to work on many weddings in Paris like in the Peninsula Hotel, Ma-rignan Champs-Elysees Hotel or even in the Salons Hoche. To accompany you in the best condi-tions during the Day, it is preferable (as far as possible) to allow time together to know each other better. You will be certain then to choose the right Wedding Photographer in Paris, able to meet your expectations. This way, I could adapt your ambitions, give you advices, guide you and disco-ver all the steps of your wedding but also to introduce you to qualified providers like wedding desi-gner, floral/art design…. Some days after your wedding, I’ll give you access to a private gallery on my website. You would be able, and your guests too, to download directly all the photos taken du-ring the day and to select the ones you would like to print. All my photos, of course, are sorted and processed to give a perfect and professional result.

Les mariées sont sur le pont des arts à Paris pour une séance photo de couple

Who am I ?

My name is Jérémy Froeliger, professional photographer specialized in "Fine Art" wedding. I've been working in this environment for almost 8 years and every new wedding makes me happier. I am discreet, spontaneous and a perfectionist.

My approach

Very passionate, always looking for the best light, for the most beautiful color. I carefully compose all of my shots so that they are soft, bright, timeless, and stylish. I pay close attention to details, to looks, to gestures... I like to capture real emotions. With an experience of more than 150 weddings, I know how to anticipate important moments. I will also be there with you to reassure you and to guide you throughout this unique day.

Les mariées sont sur le pont des arts à Paris pour une séance photo de couple

Details and elegance through my wedding photos

I am a wedding photographer in Paris specialized in « Fine Art » photo. This style is for me very representative of the wedding because it melts beauty, elegance and give an important place to details. It goes from decoration photos like in this article, wedding in the Ephrussi de Rostschild. I also like the details on the jewels, the flowers and finally of the moves. For me, the hands can be really expressive. I also give importance to the glances you give to each other during the wedding, the looks of emotion of your guests on you. During the couple session in Paris, « city of lights » or anywhere, I like to take photos of the landscape around us, it is a real part of the day. Finally, I really take care of the photos process, to make the skins more pink and as flattering as possible. I also enjoy black and white photos, they are more timeless…. Then my photo book and wedding album are in higher quality as my process that leads to argentic. By the way, during the couple session, I also work with an argentic camera.

The argentic photo during the wedding couple session

During the wedding couple session, I leave my numeric camera for an argentic camera. As a wed-ding photographer, I recover in the argentic a depth and a delicacy that numeric can’t create. I also like the skin texture which is very flattering. The couple session will be the one and only moment in your wedding where you could be only the two of you. A moment of peace, enjoying completely of the argentic photo, because of its manipulation which requires some poses. My argentic camera is a Hasselblad, a high quality brand for a fantastic result.