Pre wedding photographer Paris

How to make a pre wedding photos in Paris ?

You are engaged, and you are planning a trip to France in one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Have you thought about booking your pre wedding photographer Paris ?

Living a couple session in the most beautiful places in Paris is an unforgettable moment. But then how to organize my pre wedding in Paris ?

 For their pre wedding paris the couple had a session on the place du tracadero facing the Eiffel Tower
 A couple kissing in front of the Petit Palais in Paris
 of the bride and groom walk on the street. Behind them the eiffel tower lit by morning light
 A couple embraces in front of the magnificent golden door of the Petit Palais in Paris

How to organize a pre wedding in Paris ?

Being pre wedding photographer Paris for several years, I could make several proposals. We will first determine together the number of hours you want. In general, allow 1 to 2 hours to take advantage of this pre wedding photo session. Then we will see together the places in Paris that you want to do. We have of course the unavoidable place du trocadero opposite the Eiffel Tower, but we can also enjoy a very beautiful place like the Alexander III bridge or the Louvre museum.

 lovers are walking at the louvre museum in paris.
 a couple is kissing with a smile
the fiancé take each other's hand. She has the wedding ring on her fingers
 the bride and groom take themselves in the arms on the quays of Seine of Paris

When is the best time to take pre wedding photographer Paris ?

The best time to take our pre wedding Paris photos is in the morning at sunrise.

Why ?

The first reason is for the quality of the light. Know that all the photos of the couple session that you see on my site were taken early in the morning. The second reason is that there are no people on the streets of Paris. What makes the photo of your pre wedding very pleasant.  I also offer sessions during "blue hour" before it gets dark. Generally at the Louvre museum when all of Paris is lit up. A very romantic French moment

 she put on her most beautiful red dress for photo pre wedding paris
 the couple take each other in their arms they are at the louvre museum in paris
the streets of the louvre museum in paris offer us incredible places for photos
a couple in paris

What to wear for a pre wedding ?

As a pre wedding photographer Paris this is a question that is often asked to me. I think the best is to wear chic and elegant clothes. Either day clothes and I would choose pretty clear clothes. Either evening clothes (even if the photo shoot is done during the day). In these cases I would choose white, black, red colors ... The main thing is that you feel comfortable for the pre wedding photo Paris.

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